Thunder JO Volleyball is located in Burnsville, Minnesota. A Twin Cities club volleyball organization that takes pride in developing well-rounded athletes.

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In-House Coordinator Contact Information - Danielle Fuller


Phone Number: 603-948-7299


Welcome! We are excited to announce that our 2021 fall BAC In- House Volleyball season is officially open for registration! 


What is In-House Volleyball?
In-house volleyball is a perfect fit for anyone who wants to learn the FUNdamentals of volleyball! This program is a low-key way to learn about volleyball in an atmosphere of friendly competition & good sportsmanship while improving (or learning) volleyball skills with people near your age.

What is the Goal of In-House Volleyball? 
Our goal is to improve players' skills from the beginning of the season to the end of the season. In House Volleyball is an opportunity for girls and boys that are in grades 2-12th who would love to learn the game & the fundamental skills to play and get some experience playing. The teams are split into four categories:

Minors: Grades 2-4th
Juniors: Grades 5-7th
Majors: Grades 7-8th
Seniors: Grades 9-12th

What is the Time Commitment of In-House Volleyball?
Generally, players will practice once per week and play one game per week. Games and practices will be one hour in length. Typically practice falls on Monday for those in the majors, Tuesday for those in the Juniors, and Thursdays for those in the minors. All games are on Saturday mornings/afternoons for all teams. Each team will need to have its own scorekeeper and line judge. Additionally, there is an end-of-season tournament for all players. All practices are held in ISD191 schools and games are held in Apple Valley.

What is the Cost of In-House Volleyball?
The cost for playing a season of in-house volleyball is $95. This cost covers a uniform shirt, gym time, referees for games, and printing. There are scholarship opportunities available to those who are unable to afford this price. Please contact us to learn more!

What is Expected of the Players & Parents Involved in In-House Volleyball?
Volleyball should be a positive experience for all involved. You can help make this happen by practicing good sportspersonship at all times. Please remember this is a recreational league and our goals are to have fun, teach skills and strive to win. All games are officiated but should be kept at a recreational level. Our referees are students, and they will make mistakes from time to time so please accept that they are human and graciously allow an occasional mistake to occur.

Interested in Coaching?
Coaches are needed for each division and are usually parent volunteers so if you are interested, please indicate so on your registration form. Typically, you are paired with another person so even if you don’t know much about the game you can still be a key part of a team!

We are excited to provide a way to help your child/children gain new skills, work as a team, build trust, and build friendship bonds for years to come. Please join us this year as we share our love of volleyball with you and your family.