Thunder JO Volleyball is located in Burnsville, Minnesota. A Twin Cities club volleyball organization that takes pride in developing well-rounded athletes.

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2022-2023 Thunder JO Season - Click here for Registration

General Full Season Overview

  • Two practices per week lasting 2-3 hours. We make every attempt to build a consistent schedule with younger groups typically provided earlier times. Unfortunately, weather and facility availability sometimes get in the way. Should a change be needed, you will be notified of the change by your coach and/or our website.

    • Combinations of: Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday (with an occasional Friday).

    • Tentative times: 6:00-8:00pm, 6:30-8:30pm, or 7:00-9:00pm.

  • Cost & fee information can be found here.

  • Mental training is included in every practice.

  • Strength and conditioning are included in every practice.

  • Tournaments include popular tournaments around Minnesota and occasionally out-of-state for older age teams (subject to change).

  • Season finishes by the end of April (12s-14s teams) or the first weekend in May (15s-17s teams).

  • Abbreviated season teams: Click here for details

Player Equipment

  • Shoes.

    • All players are required to have gym/volleyball-exclusive shoes that are NOT worn outside.

  • Knee pads.

  • Volleyball.

    • We ask that each player have her own volleyball for practice at home.

  • Protective gear.

    • Injuries are a common occurrence in sports. If your daughter has had issues with her ankles, knees, etc. we recommend consulting a physician and wearing appropriate braces during play and practice.

    • In order to prevent ankle sprains, the most common injury in volleyball players, it is HIGHLY recommended that they wear ankle braces. Studies have found that ankle braces are effective in preventing initial ankle sprains & can be helpful in preventing recurring sprains. The most effective braces are ones that protect the lateral & medial ankle as the side of the ankle is the most common location for injury. Two ankle braces that protect the lateral ankle is Active Ankle T2 Brace or the Ultra Zoom Brace.

Equipment can be purchased locally at Midwest Volleyball Warehouse in Burnsville, Dick's Sporting Goods, or online retailers such as Amazon.

COVID-19 Information

Thunder JO Volleyball is excited to start our 2022-2023 season! However, we realize that the COVID-19 virus may cause changes in our plans as the year progresses. It is possible that any or all of the events, travel, or practices could be canceled or modified at any time. All information presented on our website is based on our current knowledge and future expectations of the COVID-19 virus situation.  

All parents and players are advised that participation in the club could result in exposure or infection by health risks such as COVID-19. Persons who are participating in the club are willingly accepting these risks and conditions. All participants & guardians will be required to sign, "Assumption of the Risk and Waiver of Liability Relating to Coronavirus/COVID-19. 

Should cancellations occur, Thunder JO Volleyball will adjust fees paid by participants accordingly.

Click here to review Thunder JO Volleyball's COVID Policies & Procedures

Click here to review Burnsville Athletic Club's Safety Procedures (As of 1/19/21)

Click here to review Assumption of the Risk and Waiver of Liability Relating to Coronavirus/COVID-19