Thunder JO Volleyball is located in Burnsville, Minnesota. A Twin Cities club volleyball organization that takes pride in developing well-rounded athletes.

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Scott Behnke

Coaching Training/Experience:
St. John's 7th grade: 2008
Thunder 12-1 assistant: 2008-09
Thunder 13-1 head coach 2009-10 (13's rock)
Thunder 14-1 head coach 2010-11 (14's rule)
Thunder 14-1 head coach 2011-12 (Take a chance)
BAC Fury Coach 2010 (Fury) & 2011 (Fury & Lightning)
BAC in-house AGD: 2009 & 2010 & 2011  
Dad: One college sophomore, One HS sophomore, One 7th grader, married: 23 years as of 2011
Coaching Philosophy:
For nine years I watched our daughters play for different volley ball school and JO teams before becoming a coach. I decided to get involved in the coaching side when a team needed help to survive. Since then, I've stayed active with team play, open gyms, and in-house volleyball through BAC.

I have led many group organizations in music: school bands, city wide bands, brass quintets, church choirs, small group ensembles, and played in countless musical groups. I have held many Red Cross teaching certifications: canoeing, sailing, lifeguard, WSI. I have a BS in Music Education (‘82) Coaching volleyball is an extension of what I think of as having fun. Teaching a skill, watching them develop and seeing someone enjoy what they have learned.
I want each athlete to learn a life skill. It could be to play ball, learn how to be a team member, figure out how to be a self-motivator, have fun while playing the best they can, or learn how to sweat. Our players are busy on and off the court. They will, or should, adjust to a busy schedule and take this skill further on. Thinking for themselves or in a team setting is a great skill. The thrill of victory or agony of defeat is a life skill well worth learning.

2011: step one, Take a chance
Take a chance. Come to v-ball practices and games and take a chance. Be the best you can be; learn to work with others; learn how to become a better player than the day before; make a positive step to become a better person. If we stand still, we will never become a better player. At practice, improve. Listen to what coach says and then use it. Never be satisfied with what you are now. Play hard, sweat tons, move, move, move. What you do on the court might not feel comfortable because you are not used to it. Believe in coach and in yourself. Take a chance.
Step two: Believe in Yourself
Step three: Never give up and Do whatever it takes!!