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Coaching Staff

The following coaches have been tentatively identified for the 2019-20 season: 

U12 Abbreviated: Sarah Holcombe & Maggie Holcombe

U13-1: Jeri Johnson & Kevin Codner

U14-1: Whitney Markson (Sorensen) & Jim Sorensen

U15-1: Bailey Juetten & Taylor Yost

U16-1: Liz Edd & Krista Lorang

U17-1: Alysha Kennedy

Athetic/Sports Performance Consultant: Jim Inglis

NOTE: Coaching assignments are subject to change based upon tryout/registration information.

This coaching staff has an average of 4.5 years experience of coaching and 7.7 years of playing JO, high school, and/or college volleyball!
Board of Directors
  • Laurie Grover
  • Nathan Rood
  • Carrie Rood
  • Bob Herman
  • Ben Wernette
  • Tiffany Gameson