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Isabel Kruse

Coaching/Training Experience

Thunder Gold Assistant Coach 2019

Additionally, I have been involved with leading or co-leading various young girls groups at church and school. I love the energy, happiness and craziness of youth and find joy in them. It is exciting to encourage their work ethic, discipline and passion in their hobbies!

High School: 2013-2016 played at Chaska High School


Coaching Philosophy

My coaching philosophy is focused on teamwork and developing individual discipline and work ethic. With cooperation, passion and encouragement from all players and positions - setters, hitters, defense, liberos, substitutions - volleyball is a fun, enjoyable sport for everyone on the team. Teamwork is about communication, sharing, supporting each person’s goals and individuality and picking each other up off the floor - literally! Win or lose, teammates will be there when the game is over to celebrate or support, which is why it is important to learn how to treat each other kindly in good and bad circumstances! Individually, volleyball offers the girls to decide how much effort to give, how to listen to coaches, how to respond to teammates and how to keep working when it isn’t easy. As these skills are developed on the court, they transfer to life off the court at school and at home. It is always exciting to see volleyball teach young girls to grow as confident, kind, passionate people!