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Sara Holcombe

Coaching/Training Experience
2019 Burnsville High School- 9 Black Head Coach
2017-2018 Shakopee 16-3 Assistant Coach
2011-2014 Northern Lights: 17-3 Assistant Coach & 18-3 Assistant Coach
2006-2008 Shakopee 14-1 Head Coach & 12-1 Head Coach
1996-2004 Eagle Ridge Junior High -9 Head Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I have been teaching / coaching in the Burnsville School District since 1996. I am a teacher and enjoy working with kids and showing them the value of being active and involved in a sport or club.  I emphasize the importance of effort over winning, but I like to be competitive and enjoy a good volleyball match.  I strive for each member to be an important part of the team and for girls to feel empowered and fearless as they work on improving their skills. My favorite quote that I have shared with the girls is: "There’s nothing more beautiful than when you prove to yourself just how strong you are."

 I want our team to know that working hard and being strong together is the best part of being on a volleyball team.