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Sarah Lozano (Codner)

Coaching/Training Experience

2019-2020 Thunder 16-2s
2012-2013 Thunder 14-1s
In addition to my coaching experience, I have spent many hours working with youth. My day job is a school counselor, so I take extra care to work with my players to support them in all areas of their lives. I also have experience working with athletes through summer camps and supported youth soccer camp as a part of my summer position in 2019. 
2006-2008 BAC In-House Team and South Metro Shortened Fall Season
2006-2013 Thunder Volleyball Club Teams
Other Experience
2009-2010 Played at Burnsville High School
*Captain in 2009 and Player's Choice award winner both seasons
2013-2016 Intramural Volleyball Team Member at Concordia College
Various intramural volleyball teams at the adult level
Coaching Philosophy
I believe in cultivating a team where relationships and love for the game are the most important aspects. Playing volleyball is about a love for a sport that allows you to both shine as an individual and work with your teammates to achieve success. I believe that games are won by a team that is driven to play their hardest and has the technique to support their goals. Teammates push each other to play harder, improve skills, and build relationships that can last a lifetime. As a coach, I love to cultivate the relationships that are the basis for the team and I believe in focusing on the basic skill set each player has, so that her goals can be achieved through hard work and determination.