Thunder JO Volleyball is located in Burnsville, Minnesota. A Twin Cities club volleyball organization that takes pride in developing well-rounded athletes.

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How do we select the right club for our daughter?

Selecting the right club can be a difficult decision. Below are a list of questions that North Country Region Volleyball suggests asking when considering various volleyball clubs. The answers to these questions at various clubs can help you determine which club is the best fit for your daughter & your family. We have included all of Thunder JO's answers next to each question.

How long is the season? Thunder JO's season runs from October or November and will the last weekend of April or first weekend of May (depends on age)

How often do you practice? Thunder JO practices two times per week. We have strength & conditioning, mental training, & optional private lessons included in each practice.

Where do you practice? Thunder JO practices in ISD191 schools equiped with volleyball equipment.

How many events do you play in? Thunder JO plays in 8-10 tournaments per season.

Where are the events located? Most tournaments Thunder JO participates in are located around the Twin Cities. Thunder JO sends their teams to 2-4 events located out of town in cities such as Rochester, Duluth, or Mankato. 

What is the cost of your program? Thunder JO costs anywhere from $500-$1650 depending on the age level of the team. See "Our Program" tab for more specifics.

What does the cost cover? The cost of Thunder JO's program covers uniforms, gym time, coaching salary, insurance, tournament entry fees, strength & conditioning, mental training, any private lessons, administrative fees.

Are there additional expenses? Traveling costs (hotels, gas, food, etc.) & any optional tournament items (t-shirts, concessions, etc.)

How do you pick your coaches? Thunder JO has a coaching advisor, Whitney Markson, who interviews each candidate. All coaches have playing or previous coaching experience.

What is the mission of your program? Thunder JO's mission is to develop well-rounded athletes into the best people they can be by providing competitive, thriving, & excellent volleyball teams.

What are your guidelines for playing time? As a traveling, competitive club, players will not get equal playing time. Thunder JO does get player's some amount of playing time in at least every match, if not every game.

How many coaches do you have per team? Thunder JO has 2 coaches per team.

How do you decide on players for your teams? Thunder JO holds tryouts for the players and evaluates all players on the basic volleyball skills - serving, passing, hitting, defense, & competiting. All players are evaluated with the same scale and by all of the coaches present.

Will more practices & events be added? After the season has started, Thunder JO will not add any additional tournaments to the schedule. However, practices may be added due to previously cancelled practices for reasons such as weather.

How many players on a team? Thunder JO has an average of 10 players per team. We will not have less than 8 players or more than 11 players per team.

What are your attendance guidelines? Thunder JO is supportive of extracirricular activities: other sports, choir, band, academic clubs, etc. The player needs to give coaches 24 hours notice if they will miss practice due to extracirricular events. Unexcused practices will result in loss of playing time.