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Jim Inglis - Director of Athletic/Sports Performance

Certifications / Training Experience: 
2017-2018 Thunder JO Strength & Conditioning Coach
NASM Personal Trainer
ACE Group Fitness Instructor
NASM Behavioral Change Specialist
NASM Sports Performance Specialist
National Sports Performance Certifications:
Speed and Agility Coach
Sports Nutrition Coach
Weight Lifting Coach
Program Design Specialist
Complete Youth Training
Complete Core
Complete Speed Training
Complete Olympic Lifting
Jump Training
Complete Sports Conditioning
Other Certifications:
Precision Nutrition
Functional Movement Screen
Head Volleyball Coach

Coaching Philosophy:

My coaching philosophy is focused around building a team with clarity.  Clarity = FOCUS. And with focus, I aim to develop a Team Identity as well as an identity for each individual. I have a PACK mentality. Each of us has our own job and place on a team. No one is better than the other. And together as one team, we can (and will) achieve amazing results. 


My Mission:

My mission is the only promise I will make to you. You may not play, or have a number, or win, etc.. But I promise I will work for you. I will:

1. Develop you as a well rounded young adult. 

I will use a mind, body, and spirit approach to develop your identity. The number one goal is to develop you as a great woman. You will become a productive member in the community, in school, and a great friend to  others. Your identity is not wrapped to what you do, it's who you are.

2. Develop you as the best player that you can be. 

If God gave you the ability, I will get it out of you. I will put parameters around you and define your job and role and expect you to do it.

3. Keep you on track to graduate and do good in school and beyond.

It’s like a master key. I will make sure you know how to start and finish something. Know how to open any door, and how to network for the rest of your life.

4. Win championships together

Winning is a vital part of development as a player, and young adult. This is the last promise because it is temporary. I focus on eternal values. Hard work, dedication, loyalty, and commitment. Seeing things from start to finish. Then focus on the championship wins. What means the most to me is seeing the athletes grow up as young adults, pass their classes, and be successful. The cherry on top is the championship.