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Typical Tournament Schedules

Thunder JO Volleyball attends an average of ten tournaments per season from January until the end of April for our younger teams or May for our older teams. We participate in reputable tournaments around the state of Minnesota including tournaments such as:

  • Heartland Freeze Tournament

  • Rochester Frostbite Festival

  • Presidents' Day Festival

  • Rochester Odd Cup Tournament

  • Ole Pride Juniors Tournament

  • Eastview Spring Dig

  • Crossfire Tournament

  • Mankato State University JO Tournament

  • NCR Area Event

  • Rochester Cup Tournament (15s & 16s only)

Additionally, our older teams (typically U15 and older) attend one larger tournament which may be out-of-state.

Each team's tournament schedule will be determined by the mandatory parent/player registration meeting and will be distributed at that time.


Tournament Schedule Example (From 2018-2019 Season)

Event Name Date 12-1 13-1 14-1 15-1 16-1
Heartland Freeze Jan 13 X X X X X
Frostbite Festival I Jan 19-20       X X
White Bear Lake "Bear Blast" Jan 20 X X X    
Frostbite Festival II Feb 2-3 X X X    
Minnesota Attack Feb 2-3       X X
Presidents' Day I Feb 9-10 X X X    
Presidents' Day II Feb 16-17       X X
Rockford Rumble Feb 23 X X X    
Rockford Rumble Feb 24       X X
Monti Club Meltdown Mar 2 X X      
St. Cloud Soar Mar 3     X    
Eastview Spring Dig Mar 9       X X
Odd Cup Tournament Mar 16-17   X      
Ole Pride Junior Mar 16       X X
Eastview Spring Dig Mar 16     X    
Mankato State Tournament Apr 6-7 X X X    
Diggin in the Dells I Apr 6-7         X
Crossfire Tournament Apr 13   X X    
Diggin in the Dells II Apr 13-14       X  
NCR Area Championship I Apr 27 X X X    
NCR Area Championship II Apr 28       X X
Rochester Cup May 4-5       X X


Playing Time Policy

Thunder JO Volleyball is a traveling, competitive club. Therefore, players will NOT get equal playing time.

All players have the right to know the reasoning behind the coaches' choices for playing time. However, it is the PLAYERS’ job to initiate any conversations with their coaches regarding playing time. Parents are not to initiate a conversation with the coaches regarding playing time. However, they are welcome to participate in the conversation WITH their player & the coaches.
Additionally, all players must respect a 24-hour cooling-off period before initiating a conversation with their coaches. During this time, identify what outcomes you want with this meeting.

Required Equipment

All players are required to have gym/volleyball shoes, black spandex (unless there are religious restrictions), & the team jersey during tournament play. Players will be provided spandex, jerseys, & socks. It is recommended that players wear knee pads.

In order to prevent ankle sprains, the most common injury in volleyball players, it is HIGHLY recommended that they wear ankle braces. Studies have found that ankle braces are effective in preventing initial ankle sprains & can be helpful in preventing recurring sprains. The most effective braces are ones that protect the lateral & medial ankle as the side of the ankle is the most common location for injury. Two ankle braces that protect the lateral ankle is Active Ankle T2 Brace (https://www.activeankle.com/products/rigid-ankle-braces/active-ankle-t2.html) or the Ultra Zoom Brace (https://www.ultraankle.com/product/ultra-zoom/)