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Jeri Johnson

Coaching/Training Experience:

2017 – Burnsville High School 9B volunteer

2007, 2008, 2009 – Moorhead volleyball summer camp coach

2009 – Personal trainer with Athletic Republic

2007-2008 – Training/condition with Athletic Republic as an athlete (Acceleration Minnesota)



2008-2013 University of Minnesota Women’s Track and Field athlete - Hammer thrower

In my collegiate career I learned the importance of individual growth and development (as throwing is an individualized sport). However, I also learned that individual growth is meaningless without support from teammates.  I have extensive knowledge on strength and conditioning for all ages through experience and study. I majored in Kinesiology and Applied Kinesiology in college.



2002-2007 – Played for Moorhead JO Volleyball


High School:

2006-2007 – Played Varsity at Moorhead High School


Coaching Philosophy:

My introduction to volleyball occurred when I was 11 years old and it enriched my life. My experiences fueled my passion to continue with the sport by playing and coaching. I believe learning and playing volleyball is all about trust. I think it is important to focus on building more than just a team; it is about building a family. Being able to feel comfortable with your family, being able to grow with them, and support them on and off the court is an important quality to have in a team. Volleyball families learn to communicate, work together, and accept each other. I believe these core concepts are not only needed for this sport, but also in life.