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NCR Membership Due 12/9
by posted 12/06/2019

Hello Thunder 17-1!

As we discussed at the Registration Meeting, all of the players on any of our Thunder teams need to be registered with North Country Region Volleyball in order to participate in tournaments, have insurance coverage, & cover other administrative needs for the club. Thank you to all the players & families who have already completed this task! Currently we are still missing memberships from the following players: Keaton Maile.

If NCR/USAV Membership is not completed before your next team practice you will be unable to participate. This is for both player & club safety. Please click here to go to the membership registration instructions. Let Whitney Markson or Jim Sorensen know if you have any issues.

Thank you! Happy Holidays!


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Welcome! Important Info!
by posted 12/04/2019

Hello & welcome to Thunder 17 - 1's volleyball team!

As we finish up the third week of practice, we wanted to reach out to you; parents, family members & players and just let you know how excited we are to share this upcoming season with you!

We've mentioned before, but this is both Taylor and my first year with Thunder, as well as quite a few of the girls' first year with the club. Some girls are joining us from other clubs, some joining after taking some time off, and some who are returning for another season with Thunder. How exciting that this sport is the same sport that we drive all over Burnsville for, the same sport that we curse on those early Saturday mornings, and is also the same sport that brings all our girls together for the love of the game. Kind of a cool thought!   

I few things that we want to touch on…


Team Volunteers/Team Parent Manager

I know there were a few parents who had given us their names and phone numbers. Some may have done this voluntarily and others not so much! Either way, THANK YOU! Your willingness to help Taylor and I with the team is appreciated!

We do need a volunteer who would be willing to be the Team Manager! This very special role would coordinate hotels for tournaments out of town, if we wanted to pack a potluck when on the road, or snacks for tournaments, and even some fun bonding ideas for the girls!

This does not have to be just one parent...if there are a few interested, we can help you get in touch with each other and coordinate however you like!

Please let us know who is interested!

(here is a list of names/phone numbers that we do have of those who were interested)

  • Melanie Ramsay: 612-418-3498
  • Lori tetrick: 612-865-7735
  • Sharon Webb: 651-303-9243
  • Robert Webb: 651-303-9246
  • Danielle Fuller: 603-948-7299
  • Matt Fuller: 603-828-2660


May 2nd Tournament

Majority of the girls mentioned that this was the same weekend as Prom. If this is the case, we can enter into another tournament on a different weekend. Here are the options that we have:

  • 5/10: Pentagon May Challenge (Sioux Falls)
  • 5/10: May Mayhem (Fargo)
  • 5/10: Moorhead Volleyfest
  • 5/16 & 5/17: Twin Cities Molten Cup


Yankee Candle Fundraiser

You all should have received an email about the fundraiser along with the directions (below) last Tuesday morning. Though selling is not mandatory, it does help the club with equipment maintence.

Step by step instructions for placing orders:

  • Go to yankeecandlefundraising.com
  • Near the bottom half of the page there is an orange section labeled “Start Shopping”.
  • Find the small link labeled "CREATE SLLER login".
  • Creating a seller login will give the seller credit rather than the whole group.
  • Group number (999995154) and date of birth is needed. Parents, if you do not want your daughter’s birthdate given, you can have then put yours in instead.
  • Once you create a seller ID you can go back to the main page at yankeecandlefundraising.com and “Start Shopping” with the group number and seller ID.


At Home Exercises

Please make sure that the girls are doing at home exercises that will be assigned to them by Jim Inglis. All the girls have been given their resistance bands are responsible for bring them to and from practice. Taylor and I are not responsible for making sure they’re returned if left in the gym.   


Please get back to us by the end of the week about the replacement tournament (as tournaments are filling up!) as well as your interest in helping manage the team!!

Thank you again for your commitment to the girls and to Thunder!

Please feel free to reach out to either of us with questions or concerns:

Taylor Yost:

(952) 356-4455



Autumn Thorsen:

(507) 273-4041







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On-Line Officiating Training
by posted 11/22/2019

Parents & Players,

Here is a link to the instructions on how to register for online officiating:

Note when you register you will see many clinics dates for in-person training.  We leverage the on-line clinics so you will need to scroll down to find the online one for Junior Players.  The name of the clinic is  Junior Player Officiating Training

When you click on the Participant Registration on the left you will be enrolled in all of the courses that need to be completed.

If you have any questions or need help please contact your coaches or myself.


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