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Practice Tonight & Winter Weather
by posted 11/26/2019

Hello parents and players! I have a few updates for you.

PARENTS: We are in need of a TEAM MANAGER this year. As coaches, Michael and I are very busy with many other tasks, so we would love a team manager to help support us. As team manager, you would help to coordinate hotels blocks/rooms for the overnight tournaments, help to coordinate team bonding experiences (dinners, etc.), and provide opportunities for parents and players to build relationships. You will also attend a brief training to receive support in your role. Please let me know ASAP if you are interested in this role- we would love to set up a parents/players dinner before the first tournament to go over expectations and continue to build team spirit. 

PLAYERS: Please bring a yoga mat/towel/blanket to practice tonight!

A note about winter weather: Winter is officially here, and with the predicted snow, here is an update about our policies regarding practices. As a club, we utilize the ISD 191 (Burnsville-Eagan-Savage) facilities. If schools are closed, and practices will not be held. If schools are open, practices will be held as normal, unless you receive a notification from me or Michael. However, we trust parents and players to make the best decisions for your safety and driving conditions as we know not everyone lives within the ISD 191 boundaries. If you will not be at practice due to weather, you MUST let me know as soon as possible. The 5 hour notification is preferred, however, I understand that conditions can deteriorate rapidly and it may be a last minute call. If you will be late due to weather and it is within 1 hour of the scheduled start time for practice please CALL me (651-328-1353). If we decide to cancel practices, it will be posted here to our team page and the message will be sent to your emails as well. 


There WILL be practice tonight until further notice. Players, please make sure to bring your mental training binders into the gym with you, as we will start with that tonight. 


Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 


Reminder: Our next practice is Tuesday December 3rd 6-8:30 at Nicollet Middle School

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On-Line Officiating Training
by posted 11/22/2019

Parents & Players,

Here is a link to the instructions on how to register for online officiating:

Note when you register you will see many clinics dates for in-person training.  We leverage the on-line clinics so you will need to scroll down to find the online one for Junior Players.  The name of the clinic is  Junior Player Officiating Training

When you click on the Participant Registration on the left you will be enrolled in all of the courses that need to be completed.

If you have any questions or need help please contact your coaches or myself.


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Thank you and Welcome!
by posted 11/15/2019

Thank you parents and players for coming to the registration meeting last night. It was wonderful to meet you all and we look forward to an exciting season this year! 


A couple of reminders before practice this upcoming Tuesday, which is at 6:00PM at Metcalf Middle School:

  • PLAYERS: Please return your About Me surveys at practice. A reminder that we are looking for 3 personal volleyball goals AND 1 team goal that you have for the season.
  • PLAYERS: Please be sure to include a notebook and pencil/pen in your volleyball bag for each practice and tournament. As stated at the meeting, some of our practice time will include some mental training, and a notebook will be needed for some of the activities we do.
  • PLAYERS and PARENTS: Please take some time to look over the tournament schedule and write the dates in your calendars. We WOULD like those returned at Tuesday's practice (I apologize for the confusion- being sick hasn't helped my cognitive functioning).
  • PARENTS: We would love to see your help making this team run! If you have an interest in helping coordinate hotels for our overnight tournaments, team dinners at tournaments or before tournaments, or helping to set up team bonding experiences, please let us know!
  • PARENTS: Please make sure your daughter arrives to practice 15 minutes before the stated time. This will allow her to get ready and help set up the nets so that we can have the full amount of time for practice. 
  • THUNDERWEAR: Here is the link https://burnsvillethundervb2019.itemorder.com/sale for ordering Thunderwear. If you order by 12/9, your items should be delivered in early January. 

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out. I will likely respond most quickly to a text message and emails are the other preferred message option. 

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