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Season Quiz Game
by posted 04/14/2020

Hi Parents & Players!


Tonight at mental training, the players competed in a fun Kahoot game. Coach Whitney took all of the IMPRESSIVE stats from the team this season and made it into a fun quiz game! I told the girls that I would share the link so that they could both entertain your family with a fun activity and also show all of the impressive gains these players made in just half of a season. So if your family is looking for something to do together, you are curious about the team statistics, or want to show your player how proud you are of her improvements, click on this link to start the game! I have also attached the answer sheet with the numerical answers to the questions and explanations of what the stats mean - click here to see that document!

I will be emailing each individual her season stats as well, so be on the lookout for that too!


We hope you have as much fun (and were as impressed with the improvements) with this quiz as we did!
Coach Whitney & Coach Jim

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