Thunder JO Volleyball is located in Burnsville, Minnesota. A Twin Cities club volleyball organization that takes pride in developing well-rounded athletes.

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Welcome to Thunder JO Volleyball

2020-2021 Thunder JO Volleyball

Our Mission: To develop well-rounded athletes into the best people they can be by providing competitive, thriving, and excellent volleyball teams.
If you have any questions, Click Here to contact us today! You can also email us at any time at
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Practice UPDATES
Parents and Players, PLEASE check the website for Practice dates...
Frostbite Tournament Expectations
Hello Everyone! We wanted to communicate tournament expectations...
ACTION NEEDED: JVA Release of Liability
Parents & Players, Good News - We have ALL players assigned...
Monthly Payment Reminder
Hello Thunder Families! Well....the season is finally underway. ...
Thunderwear Store Link
Hello Thunder Family! Looking for some Christmas ideas or perhaps...
Practice UPDATES

Parents and Players,

PLEASE check the website for Practice dates and times updates.  We were able to get a couple of more gyms and a couple of more hours over the next two weeks.  We updated and moved teams to maximize the gym space available.  We believe that we are set for the next TWO weeks and are not expecting any changes.  We will start working on getting the February schedule entered into the website.

Thanks for your patience and flexibility!


by posted 01/17/2021
Frostbite Tournament Expectations

Hello Everyone!

We wanted to communicate tournament expectations that the board of directors has set for the Frostbite Festival tournaments (both this weekend & next weekend). The coaches will help remind everyone of these rules and may have additional expectations or rules of their own. Please know that we want to keep the players as safe & healthy as possible and think these will be helpful ways to do so!

  1. Players should bring at least 2 masks (each day), hand sanitizer, & a labeled water bottle
    • Bringing multiple masks will allow players to change their mask when it gets sweaty
    • Label your water bottle so it doesn't get mixed up with a teammate's because sharing water bottles is NOT allowed
  2. There will be no team get-togethers or team dinners organized by team managers
    • Although we would LOVE to do team bonding, we also want to get to continue playing volleyball so we hope this will help control the spread!
  3. Players are not allowed to swim or go in the hot tub
    • With minimal time to condition before tournaments, we want players to maintain as much of their energy as possible. So we are asking them not to swim or go in the hot tub at this tournament.
  4. Be smart & stay healthy!

Click here to go to the Frostbite Festival schedule.
Click here to read the extensive policies & procedures for the Frostbite Festival.

  • NOTE: There are NO concessions available! Please bring any snacks, drinks, or food you will need during competition play!

by posted 01/13/2021
ACTION NEEDED: JVA Release of Liability

Parents & Players,

Good News - We have ALL players assigned to NCR Team Rosters!!!!  Thanks for all you help and patience with getting this completed.

We do have one more form that needs to be filled out.  Frostbite is using the JVA form for Release of Liability.  We need to have one of these completed for each player.  This is a one time form that the coaches will keep with them at all times.  There is a link to this document below so that it can be printed and signed.  Please send this with your players to their next practice or bring to the tournament.

Click Here for JVA Release of Liability Form

IF you are unable to print this let me know and I will print one for your player and give to the coaches.  I am not sure if Frostbite will ask to see these before we are allowed to play or not so please do everything you can to get this to your coaches.



by posted 01/13/2021
Monthly Payment Reminder

Hello Thunder Families!

Well....the season is finally underway.  All teams have a couple of practices under their belt.  And competition starts this coming weekend!

I just wanted to send a friendly reminder that your first monthly payment is due on the 15th.  If you provided a credit card number, you will see a charge on your card on or shortly after the 15th.  If you are paying via Venmo, please do so by the 15th.  When paying by Venmo, please don't forget to include the following information:

- payment for Thunder Volleyball
- your daughter's name
- your daughter's team

Thank you for following all the COVID protocols that are in place for everyone's safety.  It is my hope that the season can continue with everyone staying healthy!

Have a great week at practice and Good Luck to all the teams next weekend!!

Thanks for being part of the Thunder Family.


by posted 01/10/2021
Thunderwear Store Link

Hello Thunder Family!

Looking for some Christmas ideas or perhaps just some new clothes? Look no further! Click here to be taken to our Thunderwear Store! All of these OPTIONAL items are a fun way to support your player &/or your team throughout the season. The link will stay active throughout the whole season, so any time you want to purchase items they will be available, and they will ship directly to you.

There will be occasional coupon codes that come out through the SquadLocker website if you sign-up for an account. We will also post some deals we have to give you a discount when we receive them.

Have fun shopping!

by posted 11/18/2020